Welcome to “The Chopping Block” – where crypto insiders Haseeb Qureshi, Tom Schmidt, and Robert Leshner, chop it up about the latest news. In this episode, Taproot Wizards instigator Eric Wall joins the show to discuss the rise of Ordinals and what it means for the future of Bitcoin. Will inscriptions and BRC-20 tokens bring a slew of Ethereum-style problems to the original blockchain?

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Show highlights:

  • how Eric has set up a “war” between the “laser-eye tribe” and the “magicians”
  • how the Bitcoin maxi community is different from the normal Bitcoin user base
  • whether Ordinals fixes the lack of demand for Bitcoin block space
  • what Taproot is and what it enabled on the Bitcoin network
  • the MEV problem that could arise in Bitcoin now that demand for block space is going up
  • whether Bitcoin’s values resemble a religion
  • whether the increased demand for Bitcoin block space is good for the network, even if it’s fueled by JPEGs and “shitcoins”
  • why so many people got worried about Ledger Recover
  • why Robert thinks that Ledger’s new service is “terrifying” and why Haseeb is not so concerned
  • whether Bitcoin is becoming a unit of account once again



Eric Wall, cofounder of Taproot Wizards

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