Welcome to The Chopping Block! Crypto insiders Haseeb Qureshi, Robert Leshner, Tom Schmidt, and Tarun Chitra chop it up about the latest news concerning the collapse of FTX. 

Show topics:

    • the statements of newly appointed CEO John Ray in the first day declaration
    • why Tarun, Robert and Haseeb think SBF is possibly delusional or at least in denial
    • whether the assets of FTX and Alameda were commingled from the beginning or whether they had been separate and at a certain point, FTX loaned money to Alameda
    • whether the Bahamian government was the ‘FTX’ hacker
    • the theories of why Alameda started falling
    • how regulators and legislators are assessing the failure of FTX
    • whether SBF will get a pardon like Marc Rich and the chances of him being charged criminally
    • whether Genesis will go insolvent and its potential contagion effects



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