Welcome to The Chopping Block – where crypto insiders Haseeb Qureshi, Tom Schmidt, and Tarun Chitra chop it up about the latest news. This week, they are joined by Lucas Bruder, co-founder and CEO of Jito Labs, an infrastructure provider that mitigates the impact of maximum extractable value (MEV) on Solana — specifically spam and wasted block space. He and the gang discuss how the Jito airdrop this month helped rejuvenate Solana; how Jito differs from Flashbots, its counterpart on Ethereum; Solana’s potential scalability; and how Solana believers have been vindicated by the developments of the last few months.


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Show highlights:

  • Why Jito is a crucial development in the Solana ecosystem and its potential impact on network performance
  • What sets Jito apart from its counterpart on Ethereum, Flashbots, in terms of functionality and benefits
  • Whether Solana’s speed uniquely influences Jito’s effectiveness compared to Flashbots
  • Lucas’ explanation of maximum extractable value (MEV) and how it operates within the Solana network, providing insight into its complexities and advantages
  • Whether Solana’s infrastructure could sustain block production if the AWS integration encounters disruptions
  • How the Jito airdrop may have rejuvenated the Solana network, potentially marking an end to its “ice age”
  • What recent surges in on-chain activity in Solana indicate about the network’s health and user engagement
  • Where MEV fees in Solana are directed and who benefits from this value accrual within the ecosystem
  • Whether Solana dapps are evolving their architectures to mitigate MEV opportunities and enhance network security
  • How Tarun envisions the design of Solana’s fee market for optimal efficiency and fairness
  • Whether Solana has the inherent capacity for infinite scalability and what potential bottlenecks might impede this growth





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