André Allen Anjos, who is better known as the crypto-friendly artist RAC, and David Greenstein, co-founder of, a web3 music platform, analyze the current state of the web3 music scene and discuss how artists can leverage web3 tools to get paid at fair market value for their art. Show highlights:

RAC’s experience in the traditional music industry

why David believes music is the most undervalued sector in the world – and how Sound and crypto can help value it correctly

the different types of NFTs with which musicians like RAC are experimenting

what is and how it is helping artists unlock their fanbase and community

why David is so passionate about creating a social experience when it comes to music NFTs’s decision to allow artists to deploy their own smart contracts

what RAC has made in NFT drops compared to Spotify streams

why was built with “editions” as the most common format for NFTs sold on the platform

what makes blockchain technology well-suited for the music industry

RAC’s crypto adventures: $TAPE, $RAC, and more …

how the famous “Amen Break” sample would work as an NFT

what artists will be measured by in the NFT world

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