Peter Van Valkenburgh, director of research at Coin Center, discusses a proposed rule by the US Securities and Exchange Commission that has massive implications for the free-speech rights of crypto software developers in the US. Show highlights:

  • why an SEC proposal changing the definition of “exchange” could violate the right to free speech of US crypto developers
  • whether the SEC is going after DeFi on purpose – as its 200+ page proposal never mentions crypto or DeFi
  • what precedent Peter has found that should prohibit the SEC from taking away software developers’ right to free speech
  • how Peter and Coin Center structured their recent letter of comment to the SEC
  • what the next steps (such as a lawsuit?) should be for the crypto community if the rule goes into effect 
  • why writing software is part of someone’s right to free speech
  • what implications the proposed rule could have on AMMs
  • what happens next: when could the rule be put into place?

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