Amy Wu, head of FTX ventures and gaming initiatives, discusses her role at FTX, what problems need to be addressed in the web3 gaming world, and her thoughts on APE and Yuga Labs as a board member of Apecoin DAO and investor in Yuga Labs. Show highlights:

  • what Amy does at FTX
  • how her background investing in gaming prepared her for her role at FTX
  • Amy’s vision for FTX’s gaming studio
  • how FTX is helping gaming studios get into web3 and NFTs
  • why Amy thinks blockchain games are the evolution of the ‘free to play’ gaming archetype
  • what best practices Amy believes web2 companies should implement when transitioning into web3 gaming
  • why there is so much backlash against traditional companies incorporating NFTs (hint: it’s not just about environmental concerns)
  • how FTX Ventures is looking to deploy capital and why it is so interested in Korea and India, specifically
  • why Amy thinks the L1 wars will end with just a few winning chains
  • why “consumer products” are going to be more important than high throughput blockchains in onboarding the next billion users
  • what Amy’s role as a board member of Apecoin DAO is like
  • what Amy thinks about APE and Yuga Labs
  • trends for the rest of 2022: social media, dating apps, and more…

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