Ledger, the crypto industry’s leading hardware wallet manufacturer, rolled out a new recovery feature this month that caused an uproar. The recovery service has dangerous implications for crypto self-custody, says Foundation Devices Head of Content “Seth For Privacy.” He joins the show to discuss the downsides of closed-source code and the security risks that come with compromising for mainstream adoption.

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Show highlights:

  • how Ledger Recover works and why it caused an outrage in the crypto community
  • why the fact that Ledger’s code is not open-source could be considered a problem
  • what the concerns are about handing over additional data to Ledger
  • how darknet markets have always existed for fake ID verifications and how it relates to Ledger’s new feature
  • some of Ledger’s previous security lapses
  • why introducing a trusted third party undermines one of Bitcoin’s most central tenets
  • whether Ledger’s move is a “net good for society,” and whether people actually want a service like this in a hardware wallet
  • whether something will go wrong with Ledger in the future

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Seth for Privacy, blogger and head of content at Foundation Devices


Past Ledger security issues