Avraham Eisenberg, blogger at DeepFi Value – more commonly known as the Mango Markets attacker – shared his insights about the exploitation of code, his personal story, and why there’s hatred directed towards profitable traders. 

Show highlights:

  • Laura’s description of the Mango Markets exploit
  • the way in which code gets used in a different way from the original intention
  • why Avi decided to return part of the funds he got from exploiting Mango Markets
  • Avi’s clarification of a misconception regarding the bad debt of Mango Markets
  • the difference between arbitrage trades and exploits
  • why people making profitable strategies are hated, according to Avi
  • how Avi got into crypto and the story of his failed online business 
  • whether it is possible to run non-zero-sum games
  • what he thinks of Compound’s decision to pause activity on illiquid assets


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Mango Markets exploit

Avi’s online business story


Compound Votes to Pause Activity for Illiquid Crypto Assets