A settlement with Kraken, a proposed custody rule, and lawsuits against Paxos and Terraform Labs. “This week has been a very long year,” said Polygon Labs Chief Policy Officer Rebecca Rettig. She joins Coinbase Chief Legal Officer Paul Grewal to interpret what’s going on with the SEC. Is it just one big push to cripple the crypto industry? “The fact that we’re all … trying to read tea leaves speaks to a failure in the system that relies upon one-off enforcement actions rather than a public rulemaking process,” said Grewal.


Show highlights:

  • how the implosion of FTX sped up regulatory actions
  • whether the SEC will go after other staking services
  • why the statement that crypto firms should just register with the SEC is “disingenuous”
  • what seems to be behind the decision to target the BUSD stablecoin
  • whether SEC enforcement actions will be detrimental to innovation in the U.S.
  • what features would make stablecoins securities
  • why the SEC is alleging that the UST stablecoin is a security
  • why “expansion of jurisdiction” is at the heart of the SEC’s proposed crypto custody rules
  • why Paul thinks that forcing crypto innovation offshore could become a national security issue for the U.S.

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Paul Grewal, Chief Legal Officer at Coinbase:


Rebecca Rettig, Chief Policy Officer at Polygon Labs:



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