Emily Parker, CoinDesk’s executive director of global content, joins the show to discuss the Asian crypto markets. From Hong Kong to Tokyo, Parker sees bullish signs in recent developments. Hear why she thinks China and Japan are closely watching as the U.S. clamps down on the crypto industry.


Show highlights:

  • how Hong Kong is trying to create a regulated environment for crypto
  • whether Beijing and Chinese officials support Hong Kong’s initiative
  • what was China’s motivation to make it harder to buy and hold crypto
  • whether Asian countries will lead the next bull run
  • what the crypto environment looks like in Japan and how it differs from the U.S.
  • how Japan responded to major crypto hacks and meltdowns
  • what Japan is doing in terms of stablecoin regulation and adoption
  • how Japanese authorities are trying to establish guidelines for DAOs
  • whether people in Asia have different attitudes and views toward crypto and investing in general

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Emily Parker, executive director of global content at CoinDesk.