At Non-Fungible Castle 2021, an NFT exhibition in Prague, four NFT experts debate some of the hottest topics in the metaverse, like how to value NFTs, whether insider trading exists, what makes Ethereum-based NFTS so special, and the environmental impact of NFTs. 

Guests include Maria Paula Fernandez, co-founder at JPG, Kavita Gupta, cofounder of FINTECH.TV, Oliver Halsman Rosenberg, artist, and Gmoney, an NFT collector. Show highlights:

  • what an NFT is 
  • why NFTs have value
  • what the “myth of decentralization” has to do with NFT valuation
  • why collectors like gmoney prefer to collect NFTs on Ethereum vs. other chains
  • how provenance and IP rights interact with value
  • why gmoney thinks Solana Punks are like fake Chanel bags
  • what “owning an NFT” actually means
  • whether newbies need to be protected from buying scam NFTs
  • the “rite of passage” of falling pretty to a rug pull and the concept of “do your own research” (DYOR)
  • what can be done about insider-trading-like activities in NFTs
  • how to navigate public-facing blockchains when your address is doxed
  • different ways to link off-chain assets to NFTs
  • what the crypto industry can do to better understand the NFT impact on climate change

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Non-Fungible Castle 2021

Maria Paula Fernandez

Kavita Gupta

Oliver Halsman Rosenberg