Sam Trabucco, co-CEO of Alameda Research, discusses the different price drivers that led to BTC, ETH, SOL, and LUNA reaching new all-time highs in the past week. Show highlights:

  • why Sam believes no bad news from regulators is good news
  • what effect leverage has on the crypto markets
  • the significance of Bitcoin hitting a new all-time high and the crypto market cap reaching $3 trillion
  • how the approval of a bitcoin futures ETF affected the crypto market
  • what Sam thinks about the actions of US crypto regulators (hint: it’s probably not what you would think)
  • why Sam thinks ETH’s price hit a new all-time this week
  • what Sam thinks about the changes to ETH monetary policy and the upcoming merge to Ethereum 2.0 
  • how Sam views the competition among layer 1 blockchains and why he is not a fan of maximalism
  • what factors he believes are driving the price of SOL 
  • what sort of projects are being built on Solana, and why people are excited about the ecosystem 
  • what Sam thinks about Terra passing a proposal to burn LUNA

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Sam Trabucco

Alameda Research

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