Andy Beal, head of ecosystem development at Forta and author of the 30,000 Feet newsletter, discusses the dramatic governance proposal on Juno Network, a Cosmos-based project, where Juno holders are voting to confiscate millions of dollars in tokens from a whale who allegedly gamed the Juno airdrop. Show topics:

  • how the Juno airdrop worked 
  • how the whale was able to amass more JUNO tokens than the team wanted
  • why the Juno Network community feels threatened by an entity holding so many JUNO tokens
  • what the whale did to invoke the ire of the Juno Network community
  • the community’s vote on whether to confiscate up to 98.5% of the whale’s tokens
  • what three courses of action the community is considering to confiscate the whale’s JUNO
  • what Andy’s biggest takeaways are from the dramatic governance moment

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