Do Kwon is the CEO of Terraform Labs and a director at Luna Foundation Guard. On Unchained, he explains why LFG is spearheading a plan to partially back Terra’s $15 billion stablecoin UST with Bitcoin. He also dives into another project idea that would transform developer salaries into financial assets that, as far as I can tell, he has not yet spoken about publicly.

Part 1: Everything you need to know about Terra, UST, and BTC.

  • how Terra works and why Do thinks UST will soon be the third-largest stablecoin
  • why Do and LFG decided to back UST with bitcoin
  • why Do thinks LUNA’s price will continue to appreciate despite UST’s new dependence on bitcoin
  • how UST might perform if the price of a bitcoin were to crash
  • why diversifying UST with different types of collateral could help Terra politically
  • how LFG plans to use bridges, smart contracts, and an AMM reserve pool to secure its bitcoin
  • why Do thinks Terra is now a Layer 2 project for Bitcoin
  • who is deciding to purchase bitcoin and who determines what other assets to purchase as collateral for UST
  • how a bitcoin reserve pool would help UST not de-peg from the dollar
  • whether Do thinks Anchor’s 19%+ yield is sustainable and why Anchor is moving to other chains

Part 2: Do, the self-described “toymaker” of DeFi.

  • why Do is fascinated with creating a fungible labor market
  • how developer working hours could become a token traded on an AMM and used to take out loans
  • why Do thinks developer salaries in crypto should be cyclical
  • how on-chain identity and history will be similar to credit scores
  • why Do is a personal fan of Thorchain – but is reticent to use it as a bridge for LFG
  • why Do is interested in Prism Protocol
  • what Do thinks the impact of a pro-crypto president will have on South Korea

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