It’s in the name: Co-founder Luke Miles joins the show to talk about his platform’s efforts to make NFTs more discoverable, accessible and fun. He also shares his on-the-ground perspectives on emerging trends in the NFT space – everything from Bitcoin Ordinals to the rise of Ethereum L2s as NFT hot spots. With last cycle’s NFT mania in the rearview, what’s next?

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Show highlights:

  • what is and what problems it solves for NFT users
  • how it is different from popular NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and Blur
  • why is also launching on Ethereum layer 2s
  • Luke’s thoughts on the current state of the NFT market
  • why the narrative has shifted from PFP projects delivering a roadmap to the ‘single creator narrative’
  • the difference between open-edition mints and limited editions
  • why NFTs on layer 2s are “about to have a moment,” according to Luke
  • whether will launch on other blockchains
  • what Luke thinks of Ordinals and the BRC-20 mania

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