Crypto: The Game (CTG) is in the running for a 2024 Primetime Emmy Awards nomination for “Outstanding Emerging Media Program,” which is believed to be the first time a native onchain project has been placed on an Emmy ballot.

The Television Academy is considering giving Crypto: The Game a nomination for the Emmy category, alongside 25 other programs, such as “The Pirate Queen With Lucy Liu,” and “Blackpink: A VR Encore,” according to the 2024 Emmy Awards nominating ballot for emerging media.

Crypto: The Game’s inclusion on the ballot comes in the same week Uniswap Labs, the firm behind prominent decentralized exchange Uniswap, acquired the onchain and online social game in its entirety.

If CTG receives a nomination, “the next step [is] taking it home” and winning the Emmy award, said Dylan Abruscato, CTG founder, to Unchained in a direct message on X.

Variety reported that the Television Academy started its nomination-round voting on Thursday and will end at 1 a.m. EST on June 25 with announcements of which programs received nominations coming on July 17.

Outstanding Emerging Media Program as an Emmy category was introduced in February 2023 and “demonstrates creative excellence, elevating the audience’s viewing experience beyond traditional linear programming,” the Television Academy stated in an announcement.

Crypto: The Game consists of contestants buying in with 0.1 ETH to play, participating in various challenges, and voting others off the competition, all in an effort to be the last one standing, and thus taking home the winning pot comprised of entrance fees.

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Season 1 occurred in February and had a 41 ETH prize worth roughly $144,000 at current prices. The second installment of Crypto: The Game, its most recent season, took place in April and had 800 players sign up within the first 15 minutes to compete for a winning pot size of 80 ETH worth nearly $281,000.

“Interactive experiences like CTG are the bridge to expanding the decentralized ecosystem,” Abruscato said. “We’ll continue to bring new users into crypto by creatively encouraging adoption.”