The second season of Crypto: The Game, completed its public mint today within 15 minutes of it going live, with 800 players signing up to play in the next installment of the popular onchain game. NFT’s required to play the game sold for 0.1 ETH each, contributing to a winning pot size of over $263,000 at current prices.

The onchain survival game for the second season is built on Base, the layer 2 blockchain network that was incubated by crypto exchange Coinbase, insofar as players minted their participatory NFTs on Base using ETH that has been bridged to Base. 

Players, who minted their NFT for 0.1 ETH to secure their participation, also have the option to sell their NFT at any point throughout the competition for their slot in the game, “which adds a new game mechanic and kind of embraces the spirit of crypto a bit more,” said the game’s creator, Dylan Abruscato, in a conversation with Unchained. 

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The NFTs are currently trading at a premium to their launch price on digital collectibles marketplace OpenSea. The floor price, which is the lowest available price to acquire one NFT item in its collection, stands at 0.134 ETH. In the past hour, four NFTs have been sold at an average price of 0.145 ETH.

More Integration of Crypto

The second season will have a format similar to the first season’s in that players will vote others off until one remains, with opportunities to receive immunity from being  eliminated. However, unlike season 1, this season will be distinguished  by a heavier integration with crypto protocols. 

For example, each mint that was added to the winning pot was secured by crypto wallet provider Safe. Decentralized exchange Uniswap, cross-chain messaging platform Wormhole, and decentralized social network Lens have also partnered with Crypto: The Game to integrate custom immunity challenges into the game.

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Jesse Pollak, the creator of Base, told Unchained: “There’s going to be thousands or tens of thousands or millions of people who watch onchain games and who participate in onchain games and they’re going to be uniquely possible, because they’re built onchain. For instance, there’s no way to build [Crypto: The Game] where anyone anywhere in the world could buy it and participate in it, except for onchain.” 

The second season of Crypto: The Game kicks off on April 8.