BRETT, a memecoin inspired by Matt Furie’s Boys’ club comic, became the first memecoin to reach a $1 billion market cap on Coinbase-incubated layer 2 blockchain network Base over the weekend.

Despite correcting in the past 24 hours to slide over 16%, BRETT’s price has jumped nearly 40% in the past seven days and almost 130% in the past 14 days to exchange hands at 10 cents, making its market cap stand as high as $1.24 billion before settling at just over $1 billion, data from CoinGecko shows.

BRETT’s price movement since April (TradingView)
BRETT’s price movement since April (TradingView)

BRETT has recovered since it dropped to a local trough of under three cents at the end of April after a crypto user, who goes by the X handle @artibian_maxi, demonstrated that BRETT’s rollout was not a fair launch, because “during the first hour after the launch only whitelisted addresses could buy” based on data from blockchain explorer Etherscan.

The next day a different user who goes by the X username @shady_oak1 shared their onchain analysis  revealing how “insiders were holding over 81% of the supply before most people could buy.” 

BRETT’s all-time high in market cap comes as Base’s total value locked,  which is the amount of capital crypto users have committed into the network, also reached a record high of $1.78 billion, according to data from DefiLlama.

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“The sentiment around BRETT is mixed, with some users highlighting its potential for further growth, while others express skepticism about its rapid rise and control of a large portion of its supply,” wrote Kaito’s artificial intelligence bot in a Telegram channel on Monday. Kaito, a startup focused on building a crypto search engine, employs large language models based on real-time data from various internet platforms, such as X and Discord, to provide market analysis. 

The top holder of BRETT is its deployer address, which has over 9% of the supply. Blockchain explorer Basescan shows that the top 30 holders of BRETT are responsible for just under 39% of the entire token supply, worth about $416 million. 

In comparison, the top 30 holders of BONK, a dog-inspired memecoin native to Solana that has a much higher market cap of $3.2 billion, possess 46% of the entire BONK supply, per Solana’s blockchain explorer Solscan.

The market cap for the entire memecoin ecosystem stands at nearly $66.67 billion at the time of writing, according to CoinGecko.