Wassielawyer, a lawyer specializing in restructuring and insolvency, and Thomas Braziel, founder and CEO of 507 Capital, talk about the bankruptcy of FTX. 

Show highlights:

  • what the bankruptcy process of FTX is expected to look like
  • why FTX got to the the point of filing for bankruptcy protection
  • why Wassie thinks Alameda is dead
  • why FTX filed for bankruptcy in the US given that it’s a Bahamian company
  • how FTX’s balance sheet is composed and whether it includes Alameda
  • whether Justin Sun will be dragged into the bankruptcy
  • how FTX’s terms of service differ from Celsius’s and Voyager’s
  • how the $600 million hack affects the bankruptcy proceeding
  • whether it’s worth it to spend millions of dollars in law firms to go after the hacked money
  • what’s the impact of the 192 million FTT tokens that were printed Saturday night
  • what will happen with the fork of Serum and the forked tokens
  • the consequences for all the projects that FTX invested in
  • why Wassie thinks that tokenizing the liabilities could be a good potential solution
  • how the FTX’s bankruptcy affects Voyager’s proceedings and customers
  • whether FTX’s bankruptcy has put BlockFi in trouble


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