Jeff Roberts, senior reporter at Fortune and author of “King of Crypto: One Startup’s Quest to take Cryptocurrency Out of Silicon Valley and Onto Wall Street” talks about the news this week that Coinbase may go public later this year. We talk about:

  • how Coinbase may offer an additional token offering in addition to a traditional listing
  • how the firm has been laying the legal groundwork for an innovative offering
  • Coinbase’s new chief legal officer, Paul Grewal, who is a former federal judge who has ruled over the Google-Oracle and Apple-Samsung trials and who was the deputy general counsel at Facebook
  • what a direct listing, as opposed to a traditional IPO, could mean for Coinbase’s investors
  • what a Coinbase IPO would generally mean for the crypto industry
  • why Coinbase’s $8 billion valuation would likely go up in an IPO
  • how the fact that overall interest in Bitcoin and crypto are down compared to the highs of 2017/2018 will affect a Coinbase listing


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