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Ten and a half years after filing for bankruptcy, Mt. Gox is finally set to disburse 142,000 Bitcoin worth nearly $9 billion to creditors between July and October.

Market concern has been growing over the potential impact on Bitcoin prices, but Alex Thorn, head of research at Galaxy, explains why only a small fraction of those bitcoins will be sold. He also discusses the implications of this redistribution on the market, the potential success of Ethereum ETFs, and the chances of a Solana ETF approval.

Show highlights:

  •  Why Alex estimates the amount of bitcoins that creditors sell will be a tiny fraction of the 142,000 to be repaid
  • What market shocks could arise from Mt. Gox creditors receiving billions in Bitcoin, and why he believes Bitcoin Cash is the real wild card
  • Whether Ethereum ETFs could be as successful as Bitcoin ETFs in attracting investors
  • Whether potential outflows from Grayscale’s Ethereum Trust will dampen the excitement around Ethereum ETFs
  • How the combination of Mt. Gox repayments, Ethereum ETFs, and German and American government Bitcoin sales might affect crypto prices
  • The chances the SEC approves a spot Solana ETF

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Mt. Gox.

Governments selling:

Solana ETF

Reuters: Investment manager VanEck files to list first spot Solana ETF in US |