Alex Gladstein, chief strategy officer of the Human Rights Foundation, explains why he believes China’s new pro-blockchain stance could turn out to be a blunder for the country and why this could lead to a red pill/blue pill moment that gets Chinese citizens interested in Bitcoin. He also talks about how the country could use a digital yuan as financial leverage in other countries, and why he’s skeptical of the Chinese government’s claims that anonymous transactions will be possible in the currency, called DCEP. We also talk about how wary citizens around the world should be as more societies go cashless, how corporations are starting to self-censor due to China’s financial leverage and what the connection is between financial freedom and free speech.

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Alex Gladstein:

Human Rights Foundation:
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China’s push to support cryptography:

Articles saying DCEP can be used like cash, does not require bank account:,yw-201909-4427378.htm
A Chinese dissident’s view on the country’s blockchain push

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