Marisa Tashman, policy counsel at Blockchain Association, analyzes the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) decision to name nine tokens as securities and investigate whether Coinbase lists securities.

Show highlights: 

  • why the SEC named tokens as securities in an insider trading case where no exchanges or token teams are listed as defendants 
  • what happens if the Coinbase insider trading case is settled or goes to court
  • why the SEC’s actions should be considered “regulation by enforcement” 
  • whether there is any process to force the SEC to reveal its reasoning for calling a token a security
  • why Marisa thinks the SEC is actively harming US investors with its crypto policy
  • how Coinbase is handling the SEC’s investigation
  • what Marisa thinks of Coinbase’s listing process
  • why the Cynthia Lummis-led crypto regulatory framework is a good start
  • what Marisa believes will happen in the crypto regulatory landscape in the near future


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Marisa Tashman

Blockchain Association


SEC Regulation by Enforcement Response

Gillibrand x Lummis Crypto Regulatory Framework