Nate Maddrey, senior research analyst at Coin Metrics, discusses a report on the rise of stablecoins over the last few months that Coin Metrics published in conjunction with Bitstamp. He covers: 

  • why a stablecoin supply that grew over five years has doubled in the last four months 
  • why demand has grown, specifically for Tether, especially after Black Thursday
  • why that demand caused Tether’s price to rise above $1 post-Black Thursday
  • why Tether is the most dominant stablecoin
  • how traders were making money off that arbitrage opportunity and why the arbitrage stayed in place so long
  • where Tether is popular
  • why Tether’s price goes up when the free float supply is high and why it goes down when the free float supply is low
  • why the stablecoins have varied in their ability to stay stable and how individual stablecoins have reacted
  • which types of users are holding stablecoins and various types of users are doing with it
  • why it is that stablecoins appear to have different median exchange values
  • and why stablecoins have higher velocity than bitcoin and ether

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