Jake Brukhman, cofounder and CEO of CoinFund, explains why people are excited about non-fungible tokens, how they can be used, and what new behaviors and businesses they might enable. He discusses:

  • what a NFT or non-fungible token is
  • how they can be “liquid intellectual property”
  • what kinds of digital assets can be turned into NFTs
  • what new types of behaviors and new products and services can be created based off NFTs
  • why consumers would prefer to use an NFT photo or song vs. one from Shutterstock or Spotify
  • why someone would want to buy an NFT when it’s so easy to make digital copies of things like art or ebooks or mp3s
  • how disputes over digital objects could be adjudicated in a global marketplace
  • how NFTs enable fractionalized ownership
  • how NFTs can be used as collateral to manage risk
  • how NFTs are combining with DeFi to create NFTFi
  • how NFTs and NFTFi bring non-crypto people in to the space and expose them to finance
  • why the NFT space is much bigger than people probably expect, and how it’s drawing a new crowd to crypto

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CoinFund’s NFT thesis: https://blog.coinfund.io/all-digital-content-is-going-on-chain-ae26a7071657

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