Adam Cochran, partner at Cinneamhain Ventures, discusses the impact of 3AC’s impending liquidation. Show topics:

  • why 3AC founders (and family members) are listing themselves as creditors
  • what the “corporate veil” is and why it matters regarding 3AC
  • where retail investors stand in the pecking order of creditors 
  • why Adam doesn’t believe we know the full story about 3AC’s downfall, despite liquidators leaking a 1,000-page report about it
  • what creditors might do with 3AC’s yacht
  • why Adam is less worried about the health of GBTC in light of recent 3AC filings
  • what effect 3AC’s fall will have on Genesis and Digital Currency Group
  • why creditors might prefer liquidations to be paid out in equity compared to cash in this environment 
  • how 3AC’s liquidation is impacting retail investors at Voyager and Celsius
  • why there could be a crypto credit crunch coming soon

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Adam Cochran


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