Wormhole, a decentralized blockchain interoperability platform, unveiled plans to distribute 6.17% of its W token supply to eligible users in an airdrop.

A total of 617 million W tokens will be allocated across 397,704 wallets, with 500 million W earmarked for those who used Wormhole ecosystem applications and around 117 million W to members of its Discord and NFT communities.

W is a cross-chain token that will be available as both a native Solana SPL20 token and an Ethereum ERC-20 token across Ethereum, Solana, Base, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

Although no date for the official airdrop has been announced, the team has already taken a snapshot of the eligible addresses and released an eligibility tracker so users can determine whether they qualify and the number of tokens they will receive.

“Please note that the numbers in the airdrop checker are subject to change. Users are encouraged to check ALL WALLETS which interacted with Wormhole ecosystem apps. Rewards will be split across all wallets per user,” said the Wormhole team on X. 

Shortly after the tracker was released, however, some users reported problems with connecting their Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) wallets. The Wormhole team said they were investigating the problem and would update users when the issue was resolved.

Still, for some users who were able to check their balances on the tracker, the results were disappointing. 

“Real wormhole users got peanuts. I’ll never grind for a role again,” said one user on Wormhole’s Discord.

Another user on the Discord said he was ineligible for the airdrop after claiming to have used Wormhole across eight chains and 14 different transactions.

“It is crazy how Bridge volume had basically no effect in the airdrop. I had $120k volume and got 4868 $W while people who had only $1k volume got 1388 $W. So basically, people who farmed ate really well. If I had my volume spread in 120 wallets I would have gotten 166,560 $W. But I didn’t because I am genuine user so I got punished instead,” wrote another frustrated user.

On the other hand, a number of users reported receiving generous allocations of W tokens despite minimal usage of the platform.

“I didn’t receive any airdrop from Wormhole despite using the platform. It’s disappointing to be left out, especially when I’ve been actively participating,” said another user on X.

“Transparency and fairness are important in the crypto space, and I trust that Wormhole will address this promptly. Moving forward, I hope to see better communication and distribution practices to ensure all users are treated equally.”