Voyager Digital hit back at Alameda Research for an objection filed to the proposed $1 billion asset-buyout deal from Binance.US.

In a Jan. 9 filing, Voyager said that Alameda and its affiliates’ objection to Binance.US acquiring Voyager digital assets is “hypocrisy and chutzpah at its finest” after they allegedly defrauded most of the world.

“More importantly and substantively, AlamedaFTX’s objections are frivolous,” asserted Voyager in the filing.

Voyager was referring to an objection filed by Alameda last week that alleged Binance.US’s $1 billion acquisition deal ignores the fundamental protections of the Bankruptcy code. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has also filed an objection to the deal, raising questions about the disclosure statement and how the crypto exchange could afford such a high value transaction.

The deal in question was announced by Voyager last month, with the firm saying it paves the way forward to return crypto to customers as soon as possible.

Alameda’s objection attests to the $377 million line of credit that it provided to Voyager in June 2022 as “rescue financing.” As per Section 1129(b) of the Bankruptcy Code, Alameda said it would be treated unfairly as a “junior class” of Voyager’s creditors and not receive the full value of its claims.

In Monday’s filing, Voyager said it had entered this loan agreement with Alameda based on the “fraudulent and false representations” made by the firm.

“Incredibly, AlamedaFTX asserts that the exact language and level of disclosure that its counsel reviewed and approved in the FTX US Disclosure Statement regarding the D&O Settlement and treatment of Intercompany Claims under the Plan, and that was approved over objections as adequate by the Court nearly two months ago, is somehow insufficient,” stated Voyager.