Decentralized exchange Uniswap has launched its mobile wallet on the app store, enabling users to buy and sell crypto with their debit cards, and swap funds on DeFi platforms like Polygon, Arbitrum and Optimism.

“Self-custody makes DeFi safer and ensures your crypto can’t be misused by a centralized party. But too many people get stuck at the starting line,” said the Uniswap team in a press release.

The wallet features token price and NFT data and will cost users 2.55% to convert fiat to crypto. Users will also be able to unlock their wallet using FaceID if they choose to, and back up seed phrases either manually or through iCloud.   

The release comes after several months of being stuck in limbo, with Apple failing to green-light the launch since the first iteration in October. In March, the Uniswap team found that Apple hadn’t approved the final version of the mobile wallet, despite addressing all concerns and making sure it was compliant with the App Store’s guidelines.

Although the app is said to be available in many countries, Uniswap did not specify which regions had access. U.S.-based users reported having access to the wallet, but a number of users from other countries, including Canada, were unable to download it.

Those that did successfully trial the app appeared to have a largely positive experience, with one user claiming the experience was “100x better” than MetaMask, which launched a similar wallet on the App Store in 2020.