Time.Fun, a social finance (SocialFi) platform, rolled out on Base less than 24 hours ago and has since garnered the attention of some Solana influencers, plus generated over $1 million in trading volume. It’s the latest in a growing number of SocialFi applications on Base.

Backed by crypto accelerator AllianceDAO, Time.Fun allows people to paywall and tokenize their time, according to @0xKawz, the founder and only full-time member of Time.Fun, on X. Each token represents a minute of a user’s time.

The inspiration for Time.Fun comes from “tokenizing the most valuable asset someone can own which is their time,” wrote @0xKawz in a private message to Unchained on X. The vision of the platform “is to be the best way for people to tokenize their time, interact with their fans, do freelance work, [and] become a labor market of sorts.”

Users can trade minute tokens, redeem them to book a one-on-one with a creator, and use minute tokens to message the individual who tokenized their time. “Minutes can also be used as currency in the future for auctions, lotteries, giveaways, and more,” states the platform’s webpage.

On the other side, those who tokenize their time earn ETH from a few sources, namely from fees generated by users trading minute tokens and users redeeming their minutes for a one-on-one. 

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A Fast Start

Since launch, the project has generated over $1 million in trading volume, per @0xKawz, and has attracted the attention of prominent memecoin trader Ansem and Mert Mumtaz, the co-founder of Solana developer platform Helius. 

Users have generated almost $500,000 in volume trading tokens representing Ansem’s minutes, making up a little less than half of the project’s entire trading volume in the past 24 hours. Ansem “skewed it a lot for sure,” @0xKawz noted.

One minute token for Ansem is currently valued at 0.054 ETH, about $181.83, giving the memecoin trader’s time a market cap of roughly $205,000. 

Base: A Hub for SocialFi? 

Time.Fun’s launch on the Coinbase-incubated layer 2 network makes the time-tokenizing platform one of several SocialFi applications on Base, including Farcaster, Friend.Tech, and Crypto: The Game, making Base a popular destination for crypto applications integrating social dynamics.

Time.Fun is “pretty cool” by virtue of its feature to tokenize a person’s time, said Mumtaz on X, who made an account via Google and funded his account with ETH on Base. “Overall, seems [like] most interesting social things are still happening on L2s.”