In a highly educational conversation, Wassielawyer, a lawyer specializing in restructuring and insolvency, discusses the bankruptcy and liquidation of Three Arrows Capital, plus sheds light on similar processes unfolding with Celsius and Voyager.

Show highlights:

  • Wassielawyer’s experience as a lawyer and his professional background
  • what the liquidation process looks like and what drives a company to get into this situation
  • what the creditors of 3AC can expect from the liquidation process and who will be paid first
  • why he doesn’t think the liquidators breached their fiduciary duty by not exercising the Starkware token warrants
  • what Chapter 15 bankruptcy is and what it means for a company
  • whether Zhu’s and Davies’ unknown whereabouts affect the liquidation process and whether they are likely to cooperate
  • whether 3AC counterparties will get anything back from the credits they provided
  • how Chapter 11 bankruptcy differs from Chapter 15 
  • what Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing means for Celsius and its account holders
  • what are the similarities and differences between Celsius and Voyager filings

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