Robbie Ferguson, co-founder and president of Immutable, talks about how Immutable is transforming the NFT industry through its layer 2 solution, Immutable X, which just launched April 8. In this episode, he discusses: 

  • what sort of problems Immutable is solving by creating a layer 2 solution (1:21)
  • why scalability is especially an issue for NFTs in gaming (1:59)
  • how Immutable X, built with partner Starkware, addresses the problems with scaling NFTs (3:28)
  • how Immutable is scaling Ethereum and the definition of a layer 2 solution (5:46)
  • the Immutable business model and how the company makes money (6:40)
  • how validity proofs like ZK-rollups differ from fraud proofs like Optimistic rollups (7:52)
  • how Gods Unchained has performed since the April 8th launch of Immutable X (8:27)
  • why building on Ethereum is so important to Immutable (10:54)
  • why Immutable is obsessed with bringing liquidity to NFTs (14:54)
  • what sort of partners Immutable is looking to attract and how Immutable X is different from a traditional marketplace (18:00)
  • why Immutable decided to purchase carbon credits to offset the gas the protocol consumes on Ethereum (21:33)
  • what we might see from Gods Unchained, Immutable X, and NFT gaming in general by the end of this  year (23:32 )
  • weekly news recap (26:22)

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