Michael Jordan, founder at DBA and former co-head of investments at Galaxy Digital, and Alex Pack, managing partner at Hack VC, talk about the potential insolvency of Genesis and DCG, the cycle of credit expansion, and the importance of DeFi to prevent these situations. 

Show highlights:

  • what will happen with Genesis and its parent company DCG
  • where the insolvency of Genesis might have come from
  • how the expansion of crypto lending in 2021 is impacting the markets and the role the Fed played in this expansion
  • how the Terra collapse kickstarted a ton of contagion effects in crypto companies
  • Alex’s story of why he did not invest in Alameda in 2018
  • whether it is possible to prevent the “FTXs of the future”
  • the importance of assessing the quality of collateral assets
  • the story of when SBF called DeFi a “Ponzi black box”
  • the mystery of where FTX Ventures got the $2 billion it planned to invest

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