Welcome to The Chopping Block – where crypto insiders chop it up about the latest news. This week, Haseeb Qureshi and Tom Schmidt speak to Will Warren, cofounder of 0x Labs, to discuss why the CFTC issued them a Wells Notice, how they responded to regulatory scrutiny, and how other countries may offer a blueprint for crypto regulation.

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Show highlights:

  • why the CFTC issued a Wells Notice to 0x
  • how a decentralized application addresses the issue of geolocalization of users
  • how the team at 0x worked together with the CFTC to avoid violating the Commodity Exchange Act (CEA) again
  • what are the implications of the settlement and who’s liable for offering services
  • why it’s so hard for crypto projects to follow the rules without clear regulatory guidance
  • why Haseeb says that the SEC wants this industry to “not exist”
  • how lack of regulatory clarity may be stunting US innovation
  • whether there’s a conflict of interest between the companies building protocols and the protocols themselves