Welcome to “The Chopping Block” – where crypto insiders Haseeb Qureshi, Tom Schmidt, Tarun Chitra, and Robert Leshner chop it up about the latest crypto news. This week, the crew is joined by Goldfinch co-founder Blake West to talk about the momentum around asset tokenization. Whether it’s private credit (what Goldfinch specializes in) or U.S. Treasurys (what Robert’s new venture Superstate will tackle), real-world assets (RWAs) are en vogue among the crypto set. What’s driving this fresh interest in an old concept that has failed to take off?

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Show highlights:

  • how Blake got into RWAs
  • why Robert launched his new company Superstate
  • why Robert hates the term “real-world asset”
  • why the only actual RWA in the blockchain space is the U.S. dollar, aka stablecoins
  • why other non-native crypto assets have struggled to migrate onto blockchains
  • how having on-chain T-bills could push demand for stablecoins
  • why private credit is a good thing to bring on chain, according to Blake
  • what the not-so-obvious benefits of bringing these things onto blockchains are
  • whether Arkham’s model of de-anonymizing people goes against the ethos of crypto