Welcome to “The Chopping Block!” – where crypto insiders Haseeb Qureshi, Robert Leshner, Tom Schmidt, and Tarun Chitra chop it up about the latest news.

Show topics:

  • Haseeb’s TL;DR of the ongoing situation between DCG, Genesis and Gemini
  • whether DCG committed fraud because of a misrepresentation of its financials
  • why DCG did Genesis a favor by absorbing the losses from exposure to Three Arrows Capital
  • what’s required to force an entity into bankruptcy 
  • why Cameron Winklevoss would request Barry Silbert to step down as DCG CEO
  • the SEC’s probe into the investors of FTX and whether the regulators will fine them
  • whether there will be on-chain assets for trading FTX bankruptcy claims
  • what Tarun thinks of the future of NFTs and what needs to be built for them to thrive
  • why Robert thinks most NFTs are “hot garbage”
  • what the value behind NFTs is and whether they need a utility 
  • whether the massive layoffs are good for the industry and how many companies over-hired during the bull market