Welcome to “The Chopping Block” – where crypto insiders Haseeb Qureshi, Tom Schmidt, Tarun Chitra, and Robert Leshner chop it up about the latest crypto news. With BTC topping $30,000, the gang tackles the apparent surge in institutional bitcoin interest, with BlackRock’s spot ETF application spawning a bumper crop of similar bids. Why did all these TradFi players act at the same time? That, plus a look at the drama surrounding SEC-friendly Prometheum’s Congressional testimony and what Haseeb and Robert see as the trading platform’s many “red flags.”

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Show highlights:

  • the not-so logical reasons why the markets are up
  • whether GBTC’s ETF conversion will also get approved if BlackRock’s bitcoin ETF gets the SEC go-ahead
  • how all the applications were ready and were “waiting for some sign,” according to Robert
  • whether Grayscale will have to sell the underlying assets of its GBTC trust
  • why a bitcoin spot ETF is more retail-friendly than a bitcoin futures one
  • how plausible it is that London becomes a leading crypto hub
  • the drama around Prometheum’s testimony before Congress
  • the “shady” details of Prometheum’s track record, according to Haseeb
  • why Tarun says that the venture-funded exchanges have “completely failed on many different levels” and what tokens he would list
  • what happened with Curve founder Michael Egorov’s loan on Aave and why Gauntlet, Tarun’s company, advocated freezing the CRV market in the lending protocol
  • why the Aave community rejected the proposal