Tascha Che, founder of Tascha Labs, unpacks the Terra/Luna debacle and reveals what she believes are the five main takeaways from its collapse. Here are some highlights from the show:

  • how stablecoin issuers make money
  • what caused Terra’s downfall
  • why Tascha is bullish on algo stablecoins
  • whether she believes undercollateralized stablecoins can work
  • how fast market cap expansion without actual network effect equals death for stablecoins
  • why she doesn’t believe a stablecoin’s network effects mean much for its success
  • why small(er) stablecoins are better
  • how blockchains mirror national economies 
  • which stablecoins is Tascha excited about
  • how FRAX is a stablecoin that resembles fiat currencies
  • whether the UST collapse will affect the stablecoin development and further regulation
  • how cross-chain agreements would be helpful for the stability of the crypto ecosystem

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