Telegram’s introduction of an advertising platform on the closely-linked TON blockchain has empowered advertisers to make crypto payments and creators on the messaging app to earn crypto rewards. The new Telegram Ads network means channel owners on the social messaging app can now effectively monetize their content. 

With that said, what is the Telegram Ads network, and how will it impact creators?

What Is the Telegram Ads Network?

Telegram Ads network is a system for creating and distributing sponsored messages on public channels with 1,000+ subscribers.

Owners of these channels receive a portion of the revenue generated from the ads displayed on these channels, and they earn up to 50% of revenues from them.

On the other hand, advertisers can now pay and broadcast their ads on specific Telegram channels using this system. 

All payouts to channel administrators and payments from advertisers are being settled on The Open Network (TON) blockchain. The transactions are processed and disbursed using the blockchain native cryptocurrency—Toncoin (TON).

How Does the Telegram Ads Network Work?

Telegram generates over 1 trillion views on its broadcast channels. Before the emergence of the revenue sharing (RS) program only 10% of these views were being monetized on the app.

The revenue-sharing program aims to make the Telegram Ads network accessible to advertisers in nearly a hundred countries. 

Advertisers can purchase ads through the Ad Platform, which are published on the app in the form of sponsored messages. With just a handful of Toncoins, you can publish a Telegram ad and select the exact channels where it should appear. Moreover, you can also promote your bot or channel using this feature. 

Advertisers can pay for the Telegram Ads by

  • signing in to the Ads Platform using their Telegram account; 
  • determining their budget and uploading the required funds on Fragment;
  • and proceeding to pay on Fragment using TON.

Fragment is a self-custodial crypto wallet that processes all TON revenue-sharing transactions. 

Should your ads be displayed on a specific channel, the owner(s) of the channel is eligible to receive a 50% share of the ad revenue. The revenue is derived from the number of valid impressions of sponsored messages within that channel. 

Channel owners can receive rewards from Ads by

  • opening the profile page of their channel and going to channel settings;
  • selecting statistics and proceeding to monetization;
  • clicking on collect should a balance be displayed;
  • and withdrawing rewards at zero commission.

How Creators Will Benefit From the Ad Network?  

Telegram’s TON-based ad network is revealed to be more accessible and affordable than its previous ad program.

Back then, advertisers had to part with at least €2 million to run promotional campaigns on the app. This was expensive and led to small businesses pushing their ads through agencies that consolidated all potential Telegram adverts. 

The Ads Platform has revolutionized how advertisers buy ads and even made it possible to purchase them for as low as 20 TON tokens. 

By reclaiming small business advertisers, creators are reaping several benefits. 

  • Receive higher rewards: With the budget for ads being significantly lower, more advertisers are posting on Telegram, which means greater payouts for creatives
  • Earn crypto rewards: Advertisers can pay for the ads almost instantly at a low commission, and creators can use their TON rewards to pay for Telegram ads, collectible usernames, or premium giveaways. 
  • Promote their business: Creators can use the Ad platform to advertise their products or services and drive users to their Telegram channels. 

The Role of TON on the Telegram Ads Network

Telegram’s decision to use Toncoin on the Telegram Ads network is due to its robust and scalable infrastructure.

In 2023, the network claimed to have surpassed 100,000 transactions per second, making it the world’s fastest blockchain. The crypto network is accredited by blockchain security firm Certik. 

According to Telegram CEO Pavel Durov, the TON network is going to be Telegram’s exclusive platform for ad payments and withdrawals. He stated the advertising network would use the TON blockchain exclusively to ensure swift and secure ad payments. He also highlighted they would stick to their approach with Fragment, where they used Toncoin for payments, hence, ads will be sold for $TON, as well as the distribution of share revenue.

The Takeaway

Telegram’s ad network mirrors other social media giants rolling out advertising platforms for in-app creators.

The messaging app is focused on revolutionizing social media ads by embracing crypto technology for secure and near-instant payments. This move could bode well for advertisers, creators, and the TON blockchain ecosystem.