Telegram bot coins are a new sub-set of cryptocurrencies stemming from the growing Telegram trading bot market. Read on to learn what Telegram bot coins are and what roles they play, and to discover a list of popular ones.

What Are Telegram Bot Coins?

Telegram bot coins are the utility tokens of Telegram trading bots. Their diversity cuts across decentralized finance, web3, artificial intelligence, and NFTs. 

The easy-to-use bots offer various services, including trading, staking, yield farming, blockchain and crypto analytics, minting, and wallet management.

Telegram coins have recently recorded a massive uptick in market capitalization and global market interest, showing investors’ bullish sentiment.

How Do Telegram Bot Coins Work? 

Although the Telegram bot coins contribute to the advantages offered by bots, they don’t generally affect the bot’s functionality. That said, the primary way Telegram bot tokens work is by providing their holders with certain benefits, including:

  • Discounts and other perks – Token holders pay less for the bot’s services, while some get access to premium functionality depending on the tokens held.
  • Lower trading fees – Token holders can get subsidized transaction fees.
  • Staking rewards – Some bots share revenue with their token holders as a reward for storing the coins.
  • Governance and voting rights – These utility tokens can give holders decision-making rights in the bot.

5 Popular Telegram Bot Coins 

Investors who are interested in Telegram coins have several options to choose from. Here are the five popular Telegram bot coins in the market today. 

Unibot (UNIBOT)

Unibot is an innovative Telegram bot that allows users to trade crypto within its interface on Uniswap V3. Its features include token sniping, swapping, profit-loss analysis, and copy trading.

The bot’s native token is UNIBOT, which is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. The token has a total and circulating supply of 1 million tokens. The token had its fair launch in April 2023, then proceeded to a token contract migration to disable the previous auto-burn mechanism and improve liquidity.  

UNIBOT holders can get various advantages from the Unibot protocol, including a share of transaction fees, fast transactions, easy UI compared to Uniswap V3, MEV protection, and low transaction fees (1%).

Image Generation AI (IMGNAI)

ImgnAI is a bot exploiting AI capabilities to turn words into AI images. The bot also provides services for Discord users besides Telegram. ImgnAI’s primary product, Nai, provides these image-creation capabilities. 

While Nai is free, ImgnAI plans to release a premium, paid version. Some features that users can expect from Nai Premium are minting images to NFTs, accessing 4K image rendering and upscaling, removing watermarks, and accessing exclusive art styles.

IMGNAI is the protocol’s utility token launched in Q1, 2023. It has a 1-billion maximum token supply and over 770 million circulating supply. 

Notably, IMGNAI holders can access all the premium features to be rolled out with Nai Premium. Additionally, users holding more than 100,00 IMGNAI can test the to-be-released beta models. The protocol also wishes to release a revenue-sharing model for its token holders soon.


ChainGPT is also a pioneer of Telegram bots, dedicating its interface to users with little to no knowledge about DeFi and blockchain tech. 

Its native token, CGPT, launched in April 2023. Besides being the backbone of the ChainGPT ecosystem, the token gives holders access to the platform’s AI capabilities within and outside crypto.

Additionally, the token allows staking, yield farming, voting, DAO access, and holders’ dividends.

DexCheck (DCK)

DexCheck, a bot powered by the BNB Smart Chain, provides analytic and tracking tools for BRC-20 tokens besides powering seamless NFT trading. The protocol has a list of features, including staking, whale trackers, Pro Top Crypto and NFT Traders, GPTBoard, and InsightsGPT. 

Its token, DCK, rounded up its Initial DEX Offering in July 2023. It has a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens, with a circulating supply of over 110 million coins. 

DCK holders can access pro tools on the platform, DAO governance, staking rewards, early access to private presale coins on Telegram, and premium customer support.

LootBot (LOOT)

LootBot is a convenient Telegram bot for easy airdrop access. Its automated interface allows users to seamlessly mint NFTs and swap tokens. 

Unlike traditional bots that need manual input and can only access one airdrop once, LootBot transcends these limitations. Once you pay for membership, you can access multiple wallets and enter airdrops severally.

Its native token is LOOT, which offers discounts on services rendered. It has a maximum supply of 10 million LOOT and a circulating supply of over 8 million coins.

Are Telegram Coins Risky?

Yes! Telegram bot coins are risky investments. 

Given that they are generally only part of a small ecosystem, their price is closely tied to the success or failure of the Telegram bot it was issued by, making it an arguably riskier sub-asset class than blue-chip cryptocurrencies like bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) that have much broader applications and use cases.

Make sure you conduct your own research and never invest more than you can afford to lose, should you decide to purchases Telegram bot coins.