Jonathan Mann has published a song a day for 13 years. On Unchained, he talks about his writing process, how he came up with the idea of publishing his songs as NFTs, his plans for a DAO he created called SongADAO, and more. Show topics:

  • the significance and process of making a song a day for 13 years straight
  • how Jonathan monetized his content in the early days (2009) of the internet
  • what crypto event sent Jonathan down the rabbit hole and how Vitalik Buterin was involved
  • why CryptoPunks piqued Jonathan’s interest in monetizing his content on-chain
  • how being in the crypto world has changed Jonathan’s creative process
  • where his song data is being uploaded in the context of web2 and web3 
  • how SongADAO will work and how it could change the paradigm of the music industry
  • the characteristics of his 12/31/2021 NFT drop, which will see over 3,000 songs minted 
  • Jonathan plays “Mongoose Coin” for the Unchained audience, a song he made about Senator Brad Sherman’s comments about cryptocurrency in a recent hearing. 

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