SOL is up 75% over the past seven days, 205% in the past month, and 3,800% YTD. On Unchained, Multicoin Capital’s Kyle Samani discusses the DeFi projects fueling Solana’s growth, why he thinks Solana could make Ethereum obsolete, and the spectrum of decentralization. Show highlights:

  • what factors have contributed to SOL’s growth this year
  • what two milestones occurred last week that Kyle thinks supercharged SOL’s popularity
  • why Kyle thinks the issues with the Degen Ape Academy NFT drop were not actually a problem with the Solana blockchain
  • what projects will be possible on Solana that are impracticable on Ethereum
  • why Kyle thinks some combination of NFTs and social token apps will be the first breakout app on Solana
  • why Solana decreases the risk of massive liquidations — like the crypto industry saw on Black Thursday in March 2020
  • how Solana and Ethereum differ in regards to composability and fragmentation
  • what BitClout has to do with Kyle’s Solana investment thesis
  • why Solana could be the basis for the next crypto bull run
  • why Kyle thinks the Ethereum merge as it completes transition to Ethereum 2.0 will not really affect Solana
  • how the competition between Solana and Ethereum could play out in the next 12 months
  • why Kyle is not overly concerned about Solana being more centralized than Ethereum
  • what the Solana versus Ethereum competition will look like going forward, and why Solana may have the upper hand
  • what Kyle learned from his investment in EOS

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