We are looking for a part-time social media manager for the Unchained Podcast, which consists of the following:

  • A 60-75 minute weekly podcast with host Laura Shin and 1-2 guests. This show is published every Tuesday morning Eastern Time.
  • A 45 minute weekly podcast with host Laura Shin and 1 guest, which includes a 20-minute interview and a 10 to 15-minute separately recorded news recap. This show is released every Friday morning Eastern Time. 
  • A 60 minute bi-weekly podcast called The Chopping Block, a discussion between four early-stage crypto investors, sometimes with a guest. It’s livestreamed on YouTube every other Tuesday and then released on the podcast either the next day or the day after.
  • Platforms:

Additional duties around other associated media, such as the newsletters, and Laura’s other work. 


Responsibilities and Duties: 

  • Write and execute social media and marketing campaigns for all content — podcasts, videos, articles, books, etc. — on the podcasts, newsletters, all our social media platforms, and in our Discord, plus perhaps TikTok and any additional platforms
  • Do marketing for all Laura’s/Unchained’s ventures – book(s)/book tour, podcasts/videos, the investigative podcast series with Law&Crime, Discord/premium subscription, Facebook Bulletin newsletter, Medium blog, events, NFTs, merchandise, survey, etc. — across all the above podcasts, channels/social media platforms, newsletters, etc.
  • Maintain Laura’s author website with the exception of the writing section
  • Compile and dissect analytics on the performance of all the social media accounts and promotions of non-editorial ventures in the newsletter; grow all these platforms


Qualifications and Skills:

  • Knowledge of the crypto space
  • Social media and marketing experience
  • News and editorial judgment
  • Ability to write snappy social media and marketing copy
  • Web/social media design skills
  • Ability to conduct and dissect analytics
  • Copy editing/proofreading skills
  • Video/audio production skills a plus
  • Creative, resourceful, persistent self-starter
  • Detail-oriented


To apply:

Please email [email protected] with the subject line “Social media and marketing coordinator application” with an email about why you are interested in this job, your relevant experience and your qualifications, as well as a copy of your resume and some examples of your work.


About Unchained 

Unchained is a twice-weekly podcast and video series by crypto journalist and author Laura Shin. Formerly a senior editor at Forbes, she was the first mainstream journalist to cover crypto full-time, and her podcasts and videos have had almost 19 million downloads and views. Known as “your no-hype resource for all things crypto,” Unchained aims to cover the crypto industry from an objective point of view and in a comprehensive way, touching on everything from technical issues and monetary policy to regulation and culture.