Tiffany Fong has had an unusual route to crypto fame. After losing most of her life savings in the Celsius bankruptcy, she began posting on YouTube about her experiences and eventually received some leaked documents, which she shared with The New York Times and on her channel. The leaks gave her some visibility, and that’s when Sam Bankman-Fried began following her on Twitter.

Fong unexpectedly managed to carve out a relationship with the one-time crypto mogul, and after he was arrested last November, she chatted often and even met with him while he was under house arrest. From there, she became known for posting details of her conversations with Bankman-Fried and documents he shared with her, and went on to attend every day of his trial in person and do videos on them.

On this episode of Unchained, Fong shares why she thinks SBF opened up to her, whether she ever had a romantic relationship with him, her unpleasant encounter with Sam Bankman-Fried’s mother at the trial, why she doesn’t really consider herself a crypto influencer, and what her plans are now that the trial is over.


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Show highlights:

  • what Tiffany did before getting into crypto
  • how Tiffany lost most of her life savings in the Celsius bankruptcy and how that jumpstarted her journey into the content creation space
  • how she got in touch with Sam Bankman-Fried and got him to speak with her after FTX’s collapse
  • the conversations Tiffany had with SBF during his house arrest
  • Tiffany’s response to the rumors about a romantic relationship with SBF
  • how Tiffany reacted to the DOJ reaching out to her for information before the SBF trial
  • why she decided to go to the courtroom every day during the SBF trial
  • Tiffany’s unpleasant encounter with SBF’s mom, Barbara Fried
  • how Tiffany feels about crypto, and why she doesn’t consider herself a “crypto influencer”
  • what Tiffany’s career plans are now that the SBF trial is over

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Episode Transcript