Rune Christensen, founder and CEO of MakerDao, explains what Andreessen Horowitz’s $15 million investment in its Maker token means for the ecosystem and why they chose to work with a16z and its general partner Kathryn Haun. He also responds to criticism that the process took place behind closed doors despite the fact that MakerDao has a notably open, transparent system otherwise, and concerns about the seeming discount of 40% that the a16z team got. He also talks about whether or not MakerDao could amass too much power in the Ethereum ecosystem, thereby centralizing power around the Dai stablecoin.

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Rune Christensen:


Announcement about investment from a16z:

Rune’s comments about why MakerDao wants to work with a16z and Kathryn Haun:

Critiques from Meltem Demirors about the process for deciding upon this investment:

MakerDao being ready to move to multi-collateralized Dai: