Web3 digital identity provider Unstoppable Domains announced Friday morning that crypto denizens and specifically holders of the NFT collection Pudgy Penguins can acquire domains that end in “.pudgy.”

According to a press release shared with Unchained, the partnership between Unstoppable Domains and Pudgy Penguins through the introduction of the new “.pudgy” domain provides crypto enthusiasts and penguins fans with a way to show digitally who they are. 

People can leverage their “.pudgy” domain to message, interact, and transact in cryptocurrencies to others within their community, per the press release.

Pudgy Penguins is a collection of 8,888 non-fungible tokens created in July 2021, according to OpenSea.

The partnership comes three days after Pudgy Penguins announced that its toy line will be available in an additional 1,100 Walmart locations in the United States, and several days after the NFT collection based on cute, flightless birds briefly overtook in floor price that of the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection.

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“We now have about almost four million domains out in the wild and they represent a ton of things, but “.pudgy” is very special. It’s the first NFT collection that has ever had a domain extension,” said Unstoppable Domains COO Sandy Carter in an interview with Unchained. 

When asked why the team chose “.pudgy” instead of “.penguin,” President and CTO of Pudgy Penguins Lorenzo Melendez said to Unchained, “‘Pudgy’ is really a unique word and it’s something that’s super identifiable and something I think resonates with a lot of people because it’s cute.”