Martin Shkreli, entrepreneur, investor and convicted white-collar criminal, talks about the new judge assigned to the case against Sam Bankman-Fried, whether Sam’s going to plead guilty or not, and the potential involvement of his family in the lawsuit.

Show highlights:

  • whether Sam Bankman-Fried truly did not have money to post bail
  • why the government did not restrict Sam’s usage of the internet and social media
  • why Martin thinks the new judge assigned to the case, Judge Lewis Kaplan, is good for SBF
  • how many years Judge Kaplan could sentence SBF to, given his unusual work experience
  • whether there’s still a chance that Sam could paint this case as a business failure
  • how defense attorneys will likely try to exploit the romantic relationship between Ellison and SBF in their favor
  • why it is unlikely that SBF will plead guilty on the January 3rd arraignment date
  • what a telemarketing fraudster case has to do with FTX
  • how the prosecutors could indict SBF’s family if he doesn’t plead guilty
  • how a jury would be selected 
  • whether Sam has enough funds to pay for a decent lawyer and how that’s going to affect the case
  • how Martin learned about crypto while he was in prison
  • how prisoners engage with crypto while incarcerated
  • whether Sam could run a business from prison

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