Market participants raised concerns over a lack of block production on Polygon after blockchain tracking tool Polyscan failed to update. 

Chaos ensued on Wednesday after Polyscan data appeared to show that the last block added to the Polygon blockchain was processed at 8:35 pm UTC.

Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal took to Twitter to dispel rumours of an outage, notifying users that Polygonscan was having some issues and advised them to use another block explorer instead.

While the blockchain itself remained up and running, a few nodes on the network did briefly go out of sync, a spokesperson for Polygon told Decrypt. 

“Block production never stopped, however there could have been a degradation in network performance temporarily. Those nodes have resynced and systems are back to normal,” said the spokesperson.

Polygonscan’s issues with updating may have stemmed from a reorg, according to Austin Roberts, co-founder of OpenRelay.

Some users took issue with the fact that Polygon downplayed the severity of the chain reorg that took place today.

“A blockchain reorg pretty much means these 150+ blocks that were previously accepted by the blockchain as “valid” are gone, and are the equivalent as to “never happened,” tweeted one user.

 On Tuesday, the entity behind the blockchain Polygon Labs announced that it had cut 20% of its workforce. Around 100 impacted employees reportedly had their access to Polygon systems, including internal communication software like Slack, abruptly cut off as a security measure.