Mika Honkasalo, independent crypto researcher, discusses what is happening with Celsius and Three Arrows Capital, the importance of having proper risk management, and the contagion effects on the industry.

Show highlights:

  • why is it so significant that Celsius paused withdrawals
  • what is stETH and why is it important to understand the Celsius situation
  • how the Luna/UST debacle started a contagion effect in the crypto space
  • why Celsius’s investors won’t bail the company out
  • what will happen to Celsius’s retail customers
  • what Three Arrows Capital (3AC) is and whether they have a solvency problem
  • how 3AC was levered long and whether they had poor risk management
  • who will be hurt if 3AC goes under
  • what would be the effect of 3AC and Celsius collapsing
  • which types of funds that Mika will be eyeing to see if they also end up in a similar situation to 3AC and Celsius
  • why Mika would counsel anyone who keeps their money with centralized crypto lenders to scrutinize their practices

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Mika Honkasalo

Mika’s blog post on the stETH-ETH peg: https://mhonkasalo.substack.com/p/stetheth-peg-not-a-peg-presents-a?s=r

Celsius announcement that they would be withholding assets: https://twitter.com/CelsiusNetwork/status/1536169010877739009?s=20&t=hL-ZsBSKZOLF-whTwNmjgw

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Conor Ryder on the stETH liquidity problem


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