Two policy experts, Chris Lehane, chief strategy officer at Haun Ventures, and Niki Christoff, the founder of Christoff and Co., discuss how the crypto industry has performed in Washington and how it can better educate more regulators and politicians about the technology. Show highlights: 

  • Niki and Chris’ background
  • how Niki and Chris would grade the performance of crypto companies in Washington
  • what parallels Chris can draw between crypto in the 2020s and FAANG in the mid-90s
  • whether having a plethora of crypto policy groups helps or hurts crypto in Washington
  • whether calling politicians and regulators names and making memes of them helps or hurts the crypto industry
  • an effective way crypto companies can prompt lawmakers and regulators to prioritize crypto policy
  • why it can be strategically smarter to try to convince incumbents to adopt pro-crypto policy over supporting challengers
  • why Chris thinks crypto could be a bipartisan topic
  • what Chris and Niki think about the fact that Democratic candidates received more donations from people working in the crypto industry than Republicans did
  • the three types of crypto users that are valuable to political candidates
  • what Niki and Chris would tell Senator Elizabeth Warren about crypto if they were to meet with her today
  • what effect crypto might have on midterms
  • why the terminology native to crypto may have to change

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